Hoses with vulcanized fittings: a safe and reliable solution over time



The wide range of MTG products includes hoses with vulcanised fittings normally used for heavy-duty applications.


Advantages of vulcanization over crimping


Unlike crimped fittings, the vulcanized fittings are joined to the hose by a chemical process which takes place during the vulcanization process of the rubber. During this stage, the hose tail is embedded in the wall to create a single body with the hose. In this way, the hose is able to withstand mechanical stress better than a hose with crimped fittings.


Why choose this solution?


MTG hoses with vulcanised fittings are frequently used to solve problems of loss of compression set of the rubber, normally originated in the area where the fittings are crimped; the consequence is a leakage of the fluid conveyed from the hose ends. This phenomenon occurs frequently in case of drastic temperature changes, also defined as thermic shock, or when the hose is used to convey media at high-temperature and for an extended period of time. These conditions mostly take place in the food and beverage processing industry, especially in case of intensive cleaning and sterilization processes.

The fruit juice industry is an example of food processing industry where the hoses are normally supplied with vulcanized fittings because of the intensive sterilizations. Another example is represented by the hoses installed in aseptic-filling machines, for the process of tomato paste. In both cases, hoses with crimped fittings are not suitable to withstand mechanical and thermic stress due to the food production process.


Rubber-protected vulcanized fittings


MTG can also provide hoses with rubber-protected vulcanized fittings suitable for the full-flow delivery of media. In this case, the media is not coming into contact with the metal part of the fitting and the change of diameter between hose and fitting is avoided. The fitting is protected by rubber, that comes out from the extremity and works as a gasket to guarantee proper joint between fitting and metal counterpart.


Other applications


Besides the food and beverage industry, hoses with vulcanized fittings find application in several other industries such as mining, chemical, paper production, dredging and oil transportation. The vulcanized fittings can also be produced in hoses for silo, hoses for cable-protection and delivery of cooling water in the steel mill industry, or hoses for other industrial applications where a safe and reliable solution is required. In general, vulcanised fittings are normally preferred in the case of hoses with large diameter and medium-high pressure rate, or in any other application in which, for safety reason, this solution is to be preferred over the crimped fitting.


MTG’s solutions


Depending on the application field, MTG can offer different hose solutions designed for specific applications, with a wide range of diameters up to 1000mm. Hoses are produced in application lengths, with a wide choice of fittings specific for the field, such as DIN, UNI, ASME. The hose is supplied with a hydraulic pressure testing certificate issued according to the norm EN 1402.



For further information, or for the design of a product for a specific application, please contact the MTG Sales Department.