MTG PHARMA is the new division dedicated to the production of hoses for pharmaceutical use

MTG PHARMA is the new division dedicated to the production of hoses for pharmaceutical use created by MTG in order to preserve the high quality of the products. The raw materials and finished products designed, manufactured and tested comply with the high quality, health and safety standards required by the industry.

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In the MTG PHARMA laboratory, highly specialized engineers work for the formulation and development of raw materials and semi-finished products, including the fluoropolymer tubings, entirely produced and processed in the company.

“Mechanical resistance tests to repeated bending cycles”(*) are regularly carried out on hoses with inner tube made of fluorinated polymers, in order to check their behaviour under dynamic conditions.

MTG PHARMA has developed a special line of fluoropolymer hoses totally free from phthalates and nitrosamines to work in aseptic environments and in contact with high-purity fluids.

The range is completed by a hose line produced in accordance with EN 12115 and equipped with a fully conductive structure, suitable for dissipation of electrostatic charges.

(*) Norm FFSS 373407 esp. 03 par. 7.9

Special areas of the MTG PHARMA division are reserved for the production of platinum-cured silicone hoses, in order to avoid environmental contamination that might alter the excellent properties of the material.

Within this product range for the pharmaceutical industry, MTG PHARMA is able to offer a great variety of complementary products such as compensators, tubing for peristaltic pumps as well as hoses for pharmaceutical powders, produced with special pharmaceutical and food quality polymers, resistant to abrasion and with excellent mechanical properties.

All MTG PHARMA hoses fulfill the most stringent national and international regulations of the food and pharmaceutical industry such as USP class VI, E.P. 3.1.9, ISO 10993 and EU Regulation 10/2011, where applicable.

The pharma hose line includes a wide range of stainless steel fittings and couplings, lined with translucent fluorinated and black antistatic material, with FDA food and USP Class VI pharmaceutical quality. The fluorinated material is perfectly anchored to the fitting in order to ensure a high chemical and mechanical resistance even in case of suction and high temperatures.